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code of Conduct

Behaviors that can be reported 

  • Flagrant breach of health legislation.

  • Failure to comply with drug management and control protocols.

  • Situations that affect the health and safety of collaborators or any other professional, client, user or visitor.

  • Failure to meet quality standards.

  • Failure to comply with user care standards and protocols (respect, empathy and personalized treatment).

  • The absence of clear and complete information for the user to make free and thoughtful decisions.

  • The disregard of the user's will.

  • The alteration or unreliable record in the medical history.

  • Concealment of incidents and/or adverse events by collaborators and/or specialists.

  • The impediment, restriction, limitation of free competition or the execution of unfair competition behaviors.

  • Infringement of Copyright or Intellectual Property.

  • The alienation, transmission, irregular use, assignment or concealment of company assets to avoid responsibilities or defraud third parties.

  • The infraction or violation of professional secrecy or of the regulations for the protection of personal data or of the duties of confidentiality.

  • The use of information systems for personal purposes.

  • The installation of software without the approval of the systems area.

  • Access to spaces or web pages that are not necessarily related to professional activity.

  • The recording of financial and accounting information that is inaccurate, false or unfaithful to the real financial, economic and financial situation of the company.

  • The receipt of gifts, money or consideration in money or kind, which may be used to influence a business or economic decision or which may bring a benefit to any of the parties involved, even when it is done on a loan or mutual basis.

  • Conflicts of interest.

  • Clinical decision-making based on criteria other than scientific evidence and adequacy in the use of resources.

  • The incorrect or irresponsible use of the company's equipment, facilities, services and financial resources.

  • The delivery, promise or offer of any kind of payment, gift or reward, either directly or indirectly through people or companies linked to the Clinic or the Business Group, in order to influence or try to influence to obtain some type of unjustified advantage, favor or commercial or administrative benefit.

  • Money laundering or terrorist financing or conduct related to any of the source crimes.

  • The avoidance or evasion of taxes or any conduct that violates fiscal or tax regulations.

  • Obstructing the actions of judicial or administrative authorities.

  • Discrimination or favoritism based on race, nationality, racial origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political or union opinion, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition.

  • Lack of respect for health professionals and equipment, workers, users.

  • Harassment, abuse, intimidation, lack of respect, consideration or any type of physical or verbal aggression.

  • Harassment at work, sexual, psychological or of any nature among professionals, employees or towards users, clients or any person in relation to the Clinic.

  • The use or threat of violence or coercion.

  • The use, support or approval of child exploitation and forced labor.

  • nepotism.

  • Participation in illegal activities or activities contrary to the principles of the code of conduct and ethics.

  • The disclosure of privileged information without the authorization of the legal representative or the use for one's own benefit or that of a third party.

  • Damage to the reputation of the business group or the Clinic.

  • Transmitting, on its own initiative or at the request of third parties, any information or news about the Quirónsalud group or the Clinic or about third parties to the media.

  • The violation of the principle of political neutrality.

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