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8. Recruitment 


The Clofán Clinic has a Secop username and password where you can view the information on each of the activities in which the clinic participates.

For more information, contact the

Publication of the execution of contracts 

Clínica Clofán has a procedure and a purchasing matrix whose objective is to identify and manage organizational needs, guaranteeing the supply and provision of vital services for the operation of the institution; there, amounts, impact for the organization, responsible leader and documents necessary for the selection and evaluation of suppliers are determined.

For more information, contact the purchasing area

Publication of procedures, guidelines and policies regarding acquisition and purchases  

Clínica Clofán has a purchasing procedure and policy focused on optimizing resources for the acquisition of all those supplies and services that guarantee the operation of the institution, ensuring that legal, technical, and quality requirements are met.

For more information, contact the purchasing area

Annual acquisition plan 

Clínica Clofán has a defined budget to execute the annual procurement plan classified in the following items:

  • Medical supplies and devices

  • Medical and scientific equipment

  • Medical and administrative technology

For more information, contact the purchasing area

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