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Reseña histórica de la Clínica Clofán, sobre su fundación.


Reseña histórica de la Clínica Clofán y cómo varios médicos crearon la Clínica Oftalmológica de Antioquia.

Historical review

In 1984 the dream of several ophthalmologists was born who wanted to create the best ophthalmology clinic in the city and one of the best not only nationally, but also internationally, offering quality, technology and the best human resources. All this and much more could be found from the beginning at the Clínica Oftalmológica de Antioquia.


Since its birth, Clofán has always offered a comprehensive service that evolves day by day; the dream came true with the first office located in the center of the city, always within reach of everyone and for everyone.

We are the CLOFÁN clinic, a leading Colombian company in the provision of comprehensive ophthalmology and related services nationally and internationally.

We are a humane, intelligent and modern organization, profitable and financially solid, with advanced technology, and a warm, committed and passionate human team for excellence in their work and the satisfaction of our clients.

We have the recognition and admiration of the community to which we belong, and we are a benchmark in the environment for the high quality, reliability and added value of our services, and for the social and ethical sense that inspires the actions of our partners and collaborators. .

Médico especialista en Oftalmología de la Clínica Clofán realizando un examen de los ojos a una paciente con un equipo tecnológico.
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