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social sense

Attention to women victims of attacks with chemical agents

At Clofán we have been developing a campaign since 2016 with which we intend to provide free care to women who have been victims of attacks with chemical agents. With the motto "Women who can see a better world", this program is carried out in alliance with the Reconstructing Faces Foundation, which works with this population. So far, about ten women have been treated, who have been diagnosed, evaluated and, some of them, operated.

Social responsability

Purpose: guarantee the sustainability of development, competitiveness in the market and access to a decent quality of life.

The interest groups that the institution contemplates to generate impact strategies are:

Responsabilidad social Clínica Clofán

Environmental management

It is the policy of Clínica Clofán to carry out its activities with the premise of making responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, based on innovation and compliance with current regulations. For this, they will lead programs to control and strengthen the preventive culture with innovation and creativity, empowering our teams for high environmental performance.


Through its Comprehensive Management of Hospital and Similar Waste Management plan, the Clinic contributes to the positive impact of the environment.


We recommend applying the following waste classification according to the institutional color code:

Separación de residuos Clínica Clofán
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