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At Clofán we achieve shine in the eyes of our collaborators, thanks to 4 beliefs: It inspires us, We encourage, We learn and We are. We invite you to learn about our Culture Map and how we mobilize the best of the people in our organization:

Mapa talento humano Clínica Clofán

Manifesto of a memorable experience

We relate harmoniously. We deliver experiences that care for and strengthen our relationship with people, environments, processes, systems, and technology.  

We identify and resolve needs and expectations, achieving a good memory, a bond that invites you to stay and a bond that invites you to return. We are inspired by a conscious and full life.

Our performance is articulated in 6 competencies, achieving as a result a memorable experience:  


Meet our human talent

conscious leadership

What characterizes Clofán leaders is consistency in what they do, feel and think. Commitment and passion for what they do. Sense of belonging.
At Clofán, being a conscious leader means acting from 5 attributes:

Liderazgo consciente Clínica Clofán
Campamento Clínica Clofán

At Clofán we don't just receive classes, we don't just read, we don't just think. In Clofán, leaders participate in BOOTCAMP: a leap to conscious leadership. This is a thematic program of short duration, in a practical learning environment based on real cases, necessary skills to start working immediately.

Corporate values

We are committed to the well-being and collective progress and we act from an ethical and principled treatment; The corporate values defined by the organization are seven: people first, passionate, close, professional, innovative and committed.

Valores Clínica Clofán

Conscious and full life

In the quality of life pillar, we seek to comprehensively address the needs of our collaborators, seeing them holistically in their daily existence. Based on a portfolio of benefits, we seek to make our collaborators feel happy, committed and satisfied and treat them in a humane way, who are the ones who care for others.

Grupo salida vida consciente y plena Clínica Clofán

Make sure you know, connect and fall in love with the reasons to be part of our organization

  • In the employment relationship we are inspired by a conscious and full life.

  • Our organizational climate delivers episodes of joy, agility, closeness and warmth.

  • Our leadership is inspired by conscious capitalism, we integrate mind, heart, spirit and soul at the service of all people.

  • We believe in long-term relationships, which is why our contract is for an indefinite term.

  • Adults love to learn! At our Clinic you have access to:
    -Permanent learning and training experiences.
    -Information on internal calls, in which you can apply if you apply.

  • We believe that family is love, fire and closeness. With us you can choose and enjoy 2 days to dedicate yourself 100% to sharing with your loved ones.

  • You will be able to access the teleworking modality with the help of connectivity (if your position applies). We defend the best of the face-to-face world with the virtual one.

  • We have developed important agreements for you to access services and products while taking care of your pocket.

  • Our organizational culture includes the experience of living together in the second semester. We invite, we pay and you enjoy!

  • We accompany the moments that confront life and, for this reason, we provide assistance for life insurance.

  • We want you to be well! We give you an aid for complementary health plan.

  • We have studied and identified that hot drinks have important benefits on the body and emotional connections, therefore we have a Happy Strip on hot drinks every morning.

  • We believe in cinema as a generator of experiences, reflections and learning, so we celebrate your birthday by giving you a double movie pass.

  • We balance life in all its dimensions, we will offer you food and transportation when we need you to do an extra-work day.

  • UbuntuFest: a fun integration at the end of the year.

  • If you like soccer, a great team awaits you.

  • Special discounts on visual health services for you and your family.

  • Room of the lactating woman: a magical place for our mothers.

  • Flex vacations for leaders. If you are a leader, you have additional days on your legal vacation.

Colaboradoras Clínica Clofán

In our talent attraction processes, looking for applicants who feel that our superior purpose: "Preserve and improve the quality of life of our patients, with the highest level of scientific and human excellence", is in connection with the personal superior purpose . 


We place great emphasis on the competencies of being, looking for people who are passionate about delivering a service in a memorable way.  

Our talent attraction and incorporation processes are developed in different phases. We are permanently open to receive resumes from applicants who wish to be part of the organization via email: We prefer virtual means to capture resumes of applicants. 

When applying as an applicant for selection processes at Clínica Clofán, keep in mind in your resume:

  • Clearly indicate your academic training: name of the technique, technology or professional career completed with year of completion and name of the institution. 

  • Indicates the work experience with the start and end date of the contract, functions and achievements developed in the position held. 

  • Preferably, attached to the resume: diplomas, degree certificates, registration of the sectional health office, RETHUS, vaccination schedule (as applicable). 

Some employment agencies that Clofán uses
to publish your vacancies are:

  • Comfama 

  • seine 

  • Employment 

Our social networks: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. ​

Work with us
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