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Policies of

Copyright and/or authorization policies
of use of the contents 



In accordance with current legal provisions (Law 23 of 1982 and Decision 351 of the Cartagena Agreement and others that may be considered complementary), the designs, wording and contents of each of the documents and information presented here are protected by the laws of copyright, according to which, except for a license or authorization from the owner, they cannot be photocopied, reproduced digitally or physically, modified in whole or in part or communicated publicly, under penalty of being civilly and criminally liable for infringement of economic rights and/or author morals. The photographs visible on the website were legitimately acquired by entering into the respective copyright assignment contracts with the models, therefore their unauthorized reproduction, copying or use is prohibited.




The intellectual property of the contents of the website is either part of the heritage of LA CLÍNICA OFTALMOLÓGICA DE ANTIOQUIA S.A.S or, where appropriate, is owned by third parties who authorized their use on the website or is public information that is governed by Colombian laws on access to public information.


The texts and graphic elements that make up the website, as well as its presentation and assembly, are either the exclusive property of LA CLÍNICA OFTALMOLÓGICA DE ANTIOQUIA S.A.S or it holds the necessary exploitation rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs that appear or are referred to on the website belong to their respective owners and are protected by current legislation in this regard.


The use of distinctive signs owned by third parties will be of an ephemeral nature to the extent that it does not involve a direct exploitation of the sign and therefore will be adjusted to honest uses in commercial matters.

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