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Paciente en un examen de la visión en la Clínica Clofán,


business eye health

  • visual health brigades

  • Optometry consultation in the company

  • Visual screening: Visual acuity, motor status, depth perception, color vision

  • Prevention and visual care talks

  • Industrial safety glasses and frames according to the trade

Brigadas de la Clínica Clofán.

To meet our main business customers and contact the business process, you can enter the following link:

Optometry Consultation

Muestra de los exámenes que se realizan en la Clínica Clofán.

ACCESS AN OPTOMETRY APPOINTMENT:Evaluate your visual function with an Optometry consultation. Visual acuity, ocular motor status, measurement of refractive errors, evaluation of color vision, measurement of depth perception, evaluation of contrast sensitivity.

If you work for a company, we can make an agreement to access discounts in consulting  optometry and optical products.

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