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Asesoría virtual y teleconsulta Clínica Oftalmológica Clofán

virtual consulting
and teleconsultation 

What is a virtual consultancy?

It is a space for interaction with a specialist in ophthalmology or one of his specialties and its objective is to advise the patient on any procedure or treatment that he wishes to perform, resolve concerns and meet the specialist who would manage him once he travels to our institution for treatment. attention.

This advice does not replace the face-to-face consultation, where it is later necessary to evaluate the visual condition of the patient to make decisions regarding the clinical management that it requires.

How to request virtual advice with a specialist?

You can access this service through the international office of theClofan Clinic, writing to us:

WhatsApp Clínica Clofán

+57 315 360 6728


This service is aimed at patients who have previously been treated at the Clofán Clinic by one of our specialists. Teleconsultation allows the health professional to monitor the clinical evolution of the patient, identify risk factors and provide diagnostic and therapeutic advice if required.  

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