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Línea ética de la Clínica Clofán

ethical line

Ethics is the set of principles and values that govern our behavior. Beyond a statement, we seek coherence between what we say and what we do; For this reason, today we make available the ethical line of the Clofán Clinic under the following premises:

  • The Ethical Line of theClofan Clinic, is a mechanism for reporting alleged irregularities in the behavior of employees and/or specialists, which violates ethics and morality. In this space, you can report a case that you consider contrary to our principles.

  • This line is exclusively for reports of alleged violations of ethics and morals, and complaints or requests should not be reported through this means.

  • The information must be sent to the email: or from our website.

  • Each case will be reviewed in the first instance and if appropriate, the investigation will begin.

  • In all cases the confidentiality of the information will be respected.

  • Some behaviors that can be reported:

  • If you have any doubts about what to report, ask yourself the following questions; and if at least one is true, it must be reported:

  1. Is there a violation of Clinic policies or procedures?

  2. Does it seem to be dishonest?

  3. If I were doing the same, would I be embarrassed to disclose it to my family and friends?

  4. Could this affect the Clinic in any way?


If you have any evidence that you want to share with us (photograph, documents, etc.), attach it and send it to us.

If you wish, leave us your contact information, this information is voluntary and confidential:

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