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1. Transparency and access
to public information

In the transparency button you can have access to the information of public interest generated by the Clofán Clinic, in accordance with compliance with Law 1712 of 2014 (Transparency Law).

Entity Information

Physical spaces intended for contact with the Clofan 

Canales de comunicación del usuario con la Clínica Clofán. Servicio al cliente y líneas.

Mechanisms for citizen care at the Clofán Clinic

  • Fixed and mobile telephones, toll-free lines and fax, including the national and international callsign

  • Institutional email:

  • Contact us: General information

  • General PQRSF query

  • Anonymous PQRSF query

  • job calls

  • References: If you need to request a reference, please fill out the following form REQUEST FOR REFERENCE.

  • contractors

  • Internal Directory

  • Complaints and Suggestions:

  • Congratulations

  • Information about decisions that may affect the public: Policies

  • Decision making procedures:

  • Student information

  • International Patients / International Patients

  • Physical or postal mail


    physical locationphysical, branches or regional, hours and days of attention tothe public

  • Location of the Clofán Clinic

  • Physical location of headquarters, areas, regional, etc.

  • Hours and days of attention to the public

  • Link to branch or regional contact details

  • Email for judicial notifications: and Website information security policies and personal data protection

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