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These figures support our trajectory and experience in these 38 years

Cirugía Clínica Clofán

Number 1


Ayudas diagnósticas Clínica Clofán

,     %

diagnostic aids

Consultas de Oftalmología Clínica Clofán

Number 3


NPS Clínica Clofán

Number 4

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Figures from 1984 to June 2023 

Cirugía para  quitarse los lentes

surgery for 

remove glasses 

Eye surgery for patients only

with refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Cirugía de párpados Clínica Clofán

surgery of


Surgery to remove excess skin and fat on the upper/lower eyelids or blepharoplasty. 

Procedimiento en Clínica Clofán para el ojo seco


for dry eye

Space dedicated exclusively to the study and treatment of pathologies on the surfaces of the eyes.

Pide tu cita en la Clínica Oftalmolófica Clofán


one click away

Consult with us and so we can offer you the service

that you deserve with specialists

in ophthalmology.

Cita particular en la Clínica Clofán

Private appointment, policy and prepaid

If you have a prepaid policy or are looking for a private appointment, contact us by WhatsApp.

Sedes de la Clínica Clofán


our headquarters

Carrera 48 No. 19 A – 40,

Ciudad del Río Sector, Building

medical tower,

Medellin Colombia.

Servicios de la Clínica Clofán y sus especialistas en Oftalmología

Know our services

find all

services that you we can 

offer in ophthalmology

for the care of your vision.

Atención al usuario de la Clínica Clofán

always ready

Welcome to the Clínica Clofán website, the Antioquia Ophthalmology Clinic, a space to streamline processes, provide information about the clinic, its procedures, and for patients to meet our group of specialists.



Especialista en Oftalmología de nuestra Clínica Clofán

Our services

Because vision is the most important sense, we offer quality services at our Ophthalmology Clinic.

priority consultation

For the attention of cases that do not wait for an ordinary medical consultation.

specialty pharmacy

specialized pharmaceutical service

in ophthalmology.


These are the services we have

available to all our users.

diagnostic aids

Our exam offer for

that you improve your vision with us.

Consulta prioritaria en la Clínica Clofán
Cirugía oftalmológica en la Clínica Clofán
Farmacia especializada Clínica Clofán
Ayudas diagnósticas en la Clínica Clofán
Consulta especializada en la Clínica Oftalmológica Clofán

Find out about our services in Ophthalmology consultation and seven subspecialties

Información del paciente

more information for you

The commitment we have with our patients goes far beyond simple care. It has to do with comprehensive support and the permanent presence of our professionals at your service.

Maria Mercedes Cambero

Saint Eustatius 

“The doctors are very efficient and have a lot of patience to treat us.”

Olga Echeverry


“They have treated me very well. An impressive human quality. I'm excited to be so blessed."

Emilia Groeneveldt


"I am very happy because thanks to the operation I can now see much better, my vision is clearer."
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